Micropropagation Containers

We make the filter that makes

all the difference.

Highly efficient gas exchange

The Microbox’s hermetically-sealing lid is the key.

We’ve pioneered a breathing filter into the lid for exceptionally efficient gas exchange.

Figure: photosynthesis breathing through filter

Improve your production spectacularly

Breeding plants

Spawn / substrate

Breeding insects

Barrier against pests and contaminations.

The depth-filtration of each patented Microbox uses randomly arranged fibers (HEPA principle) to effectively trap fungi spores, mites, trips and other contaminants. The result is astounding: extremely high gas exchange with limited dehydration, an impossibility with surface filtration alone.

Various Microbox sizes.

Several filter options.

The Microbox containers come in different sizes and shapes, and 4 filtration options allow for

different gas exchange capacities to suit many

micropropagation parameters.


This innovative filtration technology combined with a polypropylene plastic container results in a new generation of autoclavable plant micropropagation vessels with filter: Barrier against pests and contaminations, high gas exchange, no dehydration and sterile: everything your invitro plants need for healthy development. Located in Belgium, in the centre of Europe, the Microboxes are easily shipped worldwide.

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